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Episode 7: The Great Upstate Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8th, Upstate New York will be home to one of natures greatest spectacles: a total solar eclipse. Join The Brothers as they pump you full of useful information about this upcoming magical awe-pportunity.

Plus, a talk with Seth McGowan, the president of the Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory in Tupper Lake, NY.

Episode 6: The Thousand Island(s) Dressing Mystery

When it comes to salad dressings, Thousand Island(s) Dressing is one of the big boys. However, it's origins are a bit of a mystery. Luckily, Robert and Cyrus Cozy are dressed for the occasion.

Also featuring the vocal talents of Connor Ratliff. Very professional.

Episode 5: What Was Woodstock? Part 2

w/ John Sebastian

In the conclusion of this riveting two part series, Robert and Cyrus Cozy find an answer to their big question.

Joined by original Woodstock performer John Sebastian, they'll learn about life, love, and magic.

Featuring additional vocal work by Kris Acimovic, Dru Johnston, and Murf Meyer. An attentive group.

Episode 4: What Was Woodstock? Part 1

w/ Bethel Woods Museum Curator Dr. Neil V. Hitch.

Woodstood was the world's most famous concert. But what was it? Great question.

Join Robert and Cyrus on their two part journey solving a mystery so mysterious, it's not even a thing.

Featuring vocal work by Kris Acimovic and Dru Johnston. Hard working group.

Episode 3: Ghosts

w/ Haunted History Trail's Kelly Rapone

Upstate New York is a great place to be a ghost, and a great place to see a ghost. From haunted hotels to haunted restaurants, New York is turning "farm to table" into "graveyard to table." Delcicious.

This epiosde also features the vocal talents of Nicole Drespel and Christopher Scott. A really great team.

Episode 2: Fishing

w/ Moby Dick Expert Jordan Klepper

Upstate New York is a great place to catch a wet fish. It also served as the inspiration for the The Great American Novel. So grab a rod, crack open a cold one, and join us out on our boat. We promise you won't drown.

This episode also features the voice talents of Dru Johnston, Murf Meyer, and Dave Bluvband. A really nice group.

Episode 1: Relaxing in The Valley

w/ Relaxed Comedian Jo Firestone

The Hudson Valley is renowned for its relaxing activities, calming vibes, and world famous naps. Join us!

With love and Excelsior,

The Cozy Brothers

P.S. Also featuring the voice talents of Dru Johnston, Alexandra Dickson, and Nathan Min. A really great group.

Episode 0: Trailer

w/ the Cozy Brothers

Have a listen!

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